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Parish Center Policies

Policies and Procedures 

Revised March 24, 2009 


The Parish Center is a multifunctional facility that enhances the social and spiritual development of the parish community through the use of its meeting/social rooms and kitchen facilities. It provides space for the physical and intellectual development of the students at St. Paul Catholic School through the use of its gymnasium and class rooms. It provides for the recreation of Diocesan youth participating in the Catholic Youth Sports League. Because it is multifunctional, simultaneous activities can occur in the Parish Center. These procedures are designed to make the experience of using the facility a safe and satisfying one. 


The center, all or in part, is used by reservation only. St. Paul Parish, School, and Religious Education programs have first priority in reservation and scheduling. ALL reservations for the use of the center (the Gym, Giri Room, Marian Room, Kitchen or the gazebo) must be made through the Parish Office, either in person or by calling 434-2551 during the hours of 9am to 3pm Monday through Friday. Reservations are recorded on the master office calendar. A rental fee is applicable for events not affiliated with the parish. 

All groups must have adequate adult supervision and one adult must be the “person-in-charge” and be the contact person. All groups are responsible for the supervision of a qualified adult caregiver for the children in the activity or while their parents are involved in an activity on the parish grounds. Safety, security, and insurance purposes require that minors, anyone under the age of 18, are to be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. Minors who are unsupervised by an adult and who wish to use the gym must have the permission of their parents who will take on liability. 

Other groups whose values and goals are consistent with those of the parish are cordially invited to use the center, provided a parish group has not already reserved it for the same time. 

There is no usage fee charged for parish ministries or diocesan-sponsored activities. Non-parish groups, parish groups operating an activity for profit or registered parishioners holding an event, will be charged a fee for the use of the center. The fee schedule is not intended to be a profit-making venture for the parish. The fees help to defray the actual expenses involved in operating the building during the time the event is held. All fees are payable in full prior to the event. No reservation can be made until fees and deposits are paid in full. 


Participating and Registered Parishioners Having An Event:

Church (non-wedding)...$750 plus $500 deposit

Giri Room……...………. $150 plus $500 deposit

Gym……………………. $250 plus $500 deposit
Kitchen…………………. $150 plus $500 deposit 

Non-Parish Groups 

Church (non-wedding)…$1000 plus $500 deposit 

Giri Room………………..$250 plus $500 deposit 

Gym……………………...$500 plus $500 deposit 

Kitchen…………………. $250 plus $500 deposit
Choral/Musical Groups using the Church……$1000. includes one free rehearsal day.   $400 each additional rehearsal day. 

Sports Activities 

Gym……………………..$10 per hour of reservation plus   
                                                              $500 deposit

Weddings (This covers the cost of the various ministers involved) 

Parishioner Rate……………..$750  

Non-Parishioner Rate………..$1750 plus $1000 deposit 

Security Deposits 

A security deposit of $500 per room for the gym, church, kitchen and for the Giri room will be required of non-parish or non-diocesan sponsored activities at the time of reservation. Upon satisfactory determination that the reserved space has returned to its original condition, this deposit(s) will be refunded. This fee cannot be applied to your balance due. 

Insurance Fees 

A copy of your insurance policy showing The Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee and St. Paul Catholic Church as the additional insured party for the date(s) of the reservation is required for all private functions using the parish center. This insurance may also be purchased through the diocese. The Parish Office can provide details. 

Key Deposits 

If keys are needed, a refundable deposit of $10 is required for an electronic key and $25 for a mechanical key. 

Custodial Fees 

For non-parish events a custodial fee starting at $60 is required for any event that is completed after business hours. Additional fees will apply for setting up or putting away tables/chairs. 


1. The center is a part of the parish and those participating in its program should dress and conduct themselves accordingly. 

2. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and foul or obscene language will not be allowed anywhere in the center. If observed doing this, the offender(s) will be asked to leave the center. 

3. Children must be accompanied by an adult when in the center. Unaccompanied children may participate in special scheduled functions for their age group when adult leadership is provided by the sponsoring group. In all cases, parents will be held accountable for the actions of their children. 

4. No pets will be allowed in the center. 

5. Any equipment or facilities broken or damaged by carelessness or negligence must be paid for by the person or group responsible for the damage above and beyond the clean-up and security deposit. 

6. Any group using the facility will be required to remove all personal materials and decorations from the room to ready it for use by the next scheduled group. 

7. Violation of any of the policies and procedures could lead to loss of eligibility to participate in or use the center. 


1. Alcoholic beverages are restricted to events not open to the general public and “by invitation only” events, such as wedding receptions and private parties. 

2. Alcoholic beverages shall not be sold as a concession for fundraising at any event open to the general public. 

3. The sponsoring person or organization accepts full responsibility for maintaining control of consumption and enforcing moderation. Any behavior which indicates intoxication of any participant shall be cause for consumption to immediately cease, and also shall be cause for future denial of permission for the sponsoring organization. 

4. The sponsoring person or organization accepts full responsibility to ensure that consumption by a minor is strictly prohibited. 

5. The Parish reserves the right to rescind permission for consumption of alcoholic beverages if a conflict arises with other uses of the building taking place at the same time which may be incompatible with alcoholic beverage consumption. 

6. Proof of liability insurance for organizations and parties serving alcohol on the parish grounds is now a diocesan requirement. This insurance may be purchased through the diocese at the reduced cost. The Parish Office can provide the details at the time of reservations. 

7. All events which incorporate alcohol on the parish grounds shall come under the guidelines of the appropriate Florida State Statutes. 


Prior to any event, the contact person must meet with the Parish Events Manager. The Parish Events Manager is responsible for the kitchen, meeting rooms and gym. He/she will familiarize you with the facilities. Any special setup requirements must be coordinated through him/her. Parish staff may be available to assist in the setup for a fee. The courtesy of 2 weeks advanced notice about special arrangements is appreciated. Also at this time, arrangements should be made to have the gym/meeting rooms/kitchen cleaned after the event. It should be returned to the clean and tidy condition in which it was found, using the checklist provided by the Parish Events Manager as a guide. 


The contact person is responsible for obtaining a key if needed. The key should be checked out on the previous workday before the scheduled event. Keys may not be retained for longer than the next business day after the event. When the event has concluded and the clean up has been completed, the key is to be returned to the Parish Office or placed in the mail slot adjacent to the front door of the office building. 

It is expected that the gym, kitchen, meeting rooms and bathrooms be left in a presentable and usable condition upon completion of the activity. Since this Parish Center enjoys a wide and varied use, it is appreciated when all groups treat it with respect and leave it in order. The Parish Administration does reserve the right to rescind any privileges in using this facility due to damage or theft of parish property or general neglect of the above responsibilities by any one person or group. 

We ask that in the event of a personal injury, accident or the use of emergency medical treatment, the Parish Office be notified as soon as possible.