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Service Groups

Angel Gift Shop:

The “Angel Gift Shop” was established in 1975, and serves St. Paul parish as well as the surrounding Christian community. The grand opening of our new larger gift shop was celebrated on August 24, 2008, on the same day as the dedication of our beautiful new church.

Proceeds from the Angel Gift Shop have provided St. Paul parish with church supplies such as vestments, altar cloths, vessels, etc. Operated by devoted volunteers, Angel Gift Shop has provided our parish with religious gifts for all occasions, such as wall crucifixes, military medals and crosses, night lights, garden statues, prayer books, books for children, greeting cards, and much more! Come check out our selection! We carry the largest selection of religious medals in the area. If we don’t have it, we will try to get it for you. Special orders are welcome. On September 5, 1989, the Catholic Education Tuition Assistance Program (C.E.T.A.P.) was established to support Catholic education at our parish. C.E.T.A.P. is a tuition-assistance program for qualifying families at St. Paul Catholic School. Sales from the gift shop support C.E.T.A.P. throughout the year.

A request book for special items is available. Everyone is welcome to come in and browse. Our volunteer helpers are available to assist you. 

Contact Jo Chambers at or 434-2551 ext 115

Money Counters:

Money Counter Volunteers work in teams to tabulate the contributions of parishioners, which must be counted every week, deposited, and recorded for tax and auditing purposes.  St. Paul takes every precaution to safeguard parishioners’ donations so that all funds are used to help build God's Kingdom.  Money counting teams rotate regularly.  As a diocesan requirement, our money counters complete a credit check and sign a form outlining their responsibilities.  If you can balance a checkbook well, this ministry is for you!

Contact: Helen Cannava at or 850-434-2551 ext 107




The face of the Body of Christ to those entering our church prior to Mass and leaving the church after Mass.  Their ministry is to make people feel the love of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house and into our parish community through friendly, kind, and authentically gracious service exhibited by “going the extra mile with a smile.”  Welcome Stewards will warmly greet all Mass attendees at various locations including the main doors entering the church, the narthex, and the doors leading into the sanctuary. This is a critically important ministry that “lives our mission” of loving God, serving others and making disciples.  Welcome Stewards must set a Christian example at all times and possess a deep desire to love God, serve others, and foster discipleship.  A hospitable, positive and pleasant attitude is an absolute must for this ministry.

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