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To have a child baptized, contact Debbie Ridder, Director of Sacramental Education,

at 850-434-2551 ext. 104 or

(for Baptism of adults, see our RCIA page)












Basic Requirements for Baptism:



1)    Children are baptized based upon the faith of their parents, which places the responsibility upon the parents for bringing up the child in the Catholic faith.  The mothers and fathers of children to be baptized are the primary religious educators of their children. Children learn to trust and love God, to love others, to do good and avoid evil from their parents. Parents should pray with their children in their home so that prayer becomes a natural part of home life and a daily routine.

2)    Parents of children to be baptized are expected to be committed to the formal religious education of their children.  Through our Religious Education Program, children learn about the beliefs of the Church and are prepared for the reception of the Sacraments. 

3)    Parents who find their faith lacking or who do not regularly participate in the Eucharistic Celebration of their parish should seriously consider whether Baptism should be delayed until they are ready to accept the responsibility of raising their child in the Church.  In these cases, the parish priest and/or deacon may be able to guide them through instruction and prayer to a deeper faith commitment and understanding of what the faith involves.


4)    Parents who wish to have their children baptized should be registered members of Saint Paul Catholic Church. They are expected to be practicing members of the faith by weekly attendance at the Saturday evening or Sunday morning liturgy and attending on Holy Days of Obligation.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the Parish activities and be dedicated to fulfilling a Catholic life style. Members of other Catholic parishes may request baptism at St. Paul with written permission of their pastor.

5)   If this is the couple's first child to be baptized at St. Paul, they must complete a Baptism class. To make arrangements for the class, please call Debbie Ridder, Director of Sacramental Education 850-434-2551 ext. 104.

6)   If possible, baptism takes place on Sunday, the day on which the Church celebrates the paschal mystery of Jesus. It should be conferred in a communal celebration in the presence of the faithful, or at least of relatives, friends, and neighbors, who all take an active part in the rite.


7)   Parents should give serious consideration to prospective godparents. Although family pressures often exist, godparents should be chosen primarily for their faith commitment. Their responsibility is to join with the parents in supporting the baptized person in their lifelong Christian commitment. Each child may have a godfather and a godmother; however, only one godparent is necessary. The godparent must be a fully initiated Catholic (baptized, confirmed, and have received Eucharist), at least 16 year's old, and must be leading a sacramental life in harmony with the church. A baptized and believing Christian from a separate church or community may act as a Christian witness at the request of the parents, but there must be a Catholic godparent. 

8)   Godparents outside of Saint Paul's parish must obtain a written notification from the parish in which they are registered, indicating that they are in good standing with the Church.

9)   Baptismal registration paperwork must be completed. 

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