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Spirituality and Prayer










Eucharistic Adoration: 

St. Paul offers perpetual adoration and all parishioners are welcome to visit the adoration chapel which is adjacent to the parish office.  The chapel is accessed by combination code, and the code can be given to you by our office staff.  He is waiting for YOU. He thirsts for YOU. Come spend some time with the One who loves you so much.  

Contact: please call Parish Office at (850)434-2551 for more information 


Devotionals offered at St. Paul:

  • Morning Prayer,   Mon - Sat 8:10 am

  • Rosary,  Mon - Sat 7:50 am and last Sunday of the month after 8:30 Mass

  • Eucharistic Adoration is available in the Chapel next to the Parish Office every day.

       Call Parish Office for more information, 434-2551. 

  • St. Peregrine devotion, 1st Tuesday of the month, after 8:30 am Mass


ACTS Retreats: 

An ACTS retreat is a three day and three night Catholic lay retreat presented by fellow parishioners. The retreat begins on Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday at a Mass celebrated with the parish community. Retreats for men and retreats for women are given separately. Talks and activities during the retreat focus on 
Adoration, Community, Theology and Service, from which the ACTS program acronym is derived. Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are the guides for the retreats. The retreat takes on the traditions and atmosphere of the parish community sponsoring it. The retreat facilitates the attainment of a new or deeper relationship with the Lord through: 

Adoration – the call by, acceptance of, and response to God,
Community – the love and caring of each other,
Theology – the study of God through scripture and the Catholic Faith,
Service – to God and his people.
Each retreat is conducted by a retreat “team” composed of individuals who have attended prior ACTS retreats. Chosen by the retreat Director, the team organizes the retreat, conducts the retreat talks and activities, and ministers to the needs of the retreatants during the retreat weekend.

Contact: Diane Wilkinson at or (850)435-7330

Men of St. Joseph:  

Men of St. Joseph is a group of active Catholic Men dedicated to becoming the spiritual leaders of our families.  Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Men of St. Joseph have dedicated themselves to the following proposition:  “Put the family back in the hands of the Father.”  The men meet weekly to read from the Magnificat, pray for the intentions of various members of the group, read and discuss the Gospel reading for the upcoming Sunday and dismiss.  In the course of the prayer intentions and scripture discussion we support one another in our effort to become the “best version of ourselves” and to be the spiritual leaders of our family and faith community.

Contact: Paul Jansen at or (850)393-7145

Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady:

This ministry brings a traveling statue of Our Lady of Fatima into the home - the place where many people first hear about Jesus and where we first learn to pray. This tradition began over 40 years ago, when one of our parishioners brought this statue to a family's home, where she stayed for a week, before being passed on to another family. Our Lady's visitation encourages prayer and brings families and friends together. Through meditating on the Holy Rosary and asking for Our Lady's intercession, we can become families that are built stronger and more united in our faith. Though it has been shared already with many families in our parish, we are now making this a ministry of the parish, with the hope that it will bring many graces to more and more people. 

Contact: Alicia Hernandez at or (850)723-4195.

Spanish Rosary Group:  

The purpose of this ministry is for members to join together weekly to pray the rosary, share scripture, and give testimonies, in the Spanish language.  The group members share a desire to grow in the knowledge of the Father and in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, through the Holy Spirit.  Members who are fluent in Spanish help to translate to those members who may have a little knowledge of the language.  Please join this ministry for faith sharing followed by fellowship lunch.   Members assist by hosting an occasional meeting.

Contact: Alicia Teed at or (850)476-4352

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