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“Purse Club” -  Vocation to assist Women Entering Religious Life

Sponsored by Council of Catholic Women:  NationalCCW  +   St PaulCCW


Donation – amount of your choice

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Checks Payable to:  NCCW      Memo Line:  Purse Club / St Paul

Return to SPCCW, deposit in any collection during masses, or Mail to:

National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW)

200 N Glebe Road, Suite 725

Arlington, VA  22203

NCCW, in collaboration with National Fund for Catholic Religious Vocations (NFCRV), invites you to support the Vocation Purse Club.  This Club fulfills our Resolution to support Consecrated Life (established September 2015)

Are you aware of a woman who knows she has a calling from God to be a religious sister but is hindered from answering the call because she has debt, primarily education debt? Today, the average debt for education is $28,000 and most of women religious orders will not accept a postulant who has this amount of debt to payoff.

The National Council of Catholic Women has a fund-raising program that offers a solution to this dilemma. It is called Vocation Purse and is designed to raise funds that will be used to alleviate the debt of a woman who has the desire to pursue a religious vocation.

A woman entering a religious order does not receive financial assistance from her home diocese due to the fact there is no guarantee she will return to work in her diocese; whereas, her diocesan seminarian counterpart is provided financial assistance because following his ordination, he will work in his diocese.

Vocation Purse is a program that is simple to use. Funds collected are sent to the office of the National Council of Catholic Women who forwards the money on to the National Fund for Catholic Religious Vocations for disbursement on behalf of an applicant who has entered an order, has applied for assistance and is accepted.

No money is ever exchanged between the NFCRV and the applicant, as the religious order directly receives the money and is then responsible for making the loan payment for the applicant. This program offers a realistic opportunity for individuals, schools, churches, organizations and offices to step up and help increase the number of vocations to the religious life for women.

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